Shipping & Returns

Everyday Drips LLC

Orders, Shipping, and Returns


All orders placed by licensed distributors, wholesalers, or retailers (“Customer”) through the Everyday Drips LLC (“Company”) website shall be:

  •   In lot increments. A “Lot” is defined as a quantity of five (5) bottles of the same flavor and nicotine level. Company reserves the right to refuse acceptance of an order from Customer if such order fails to comply with the Lot requirement.

Company has the absolute right to refuse any orders at will and for cause. All accepted orders, upon receipt of payment in full, shall be shipped from Company’s location within 7-10 business days of receipt of payment in full.


Freight on Board (FOB) Company’s Location. Customer shall be responsible for cost of shipment of order from Company’s location. Customer understands and agrees that the risk of loss transfers to Customer upon shipment and that Customer is responsible for cost of any insurance for shipments, if Customer chooses to insure shipments.


Inspection. Upon receipt, Customer shall have three (3) business days to inspect the order at Customer’s location. Customer shall report any non-conformity in the order stating the basis of the alleged non-conformity by electronic or written communication within the time specified for inspection. Company shall have the right to cure non-conformity within a reasonable time. Upon timely notice of non-conformity, Customer may return non-conforming goods intact and in same condition as received, FOB Company’s location. Customer’s choice to return non-conforming goods will not hinder Company’s right to cure.


Inspection and Returns. Goods can be returned by Customer for replacement only, no refunds.

  •   A return must be initiated by Customer within three (3) days of Customer receiving the goods.
  •   Goods can only be returned based on material defects or non-conformity.
  •   To initiate a return, Customer must contact Company by email ( or telephone (904-325-9833) and provide the order/invoice number, and material defect or non-conformity.
  •   Returned goods will be sent by Customer in the same condition as received, FOB Company’s location.
  •   Replacements will be processed upon Company’s receipt and verification of the returned goods.